You Could Help To Save The Great Barrier Reef Just By Drinking Beer

By December 30, 2015Media


For beer lovers, there’s nothing quite like a frosty cold one on a hot summer’s day. But what if you could also be helping to save the environment as well as quenching your thirst with each swig?

James Grugeon, founder of Good Beer Co. is a man who’s here to make that happen.

Good Beer Co. is Australia’s first social enterprise — a company that makes a profit and donates a portion of it for a good cause — for beer.

Inspired and supported by UK’s Two Fingers Brewery and US brewer Finneganswhich donate money for prostate cancer and to feed the homeless, Grugeon created Good Beer Co. six months ago and has pledged 50 percent of its profits from its first brew, The Great Barrier Beer, through its charitable trust to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

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